25 Percent Off Your Alien Fleshlight Order on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Just a heads up, this upcoming weekend you will be able to buy what ever you want from the Fleshlight Store and get a 25% Fleshlight discount on your entire order when using the coupon code: Black

If you have been holding off waiting for the Alien Fleshlight to drop in price or whatever this is your chance! 😀 Just go to Fleshlight.com this Friday and get whatever it is you need, enter the code: Black at check out and save 25% percent on that order.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Fleshlight Deals

The regular Alien Fleshlight costs $75 but with the discount you will only pay $56 dollars for it.

The Avatar Parody Movie and Fleshlight bundle goes for $89 but with the 25% discount it will only cost you about $67 bucks.

That’s a great deal, so make sure you take full advantage of this once a year offer.


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