Review of Aletta Ocean's Fleshlight

Aletta Ocean Primal Fleshlight Review

Do you know that Aletta Ocean has her own sex toy made and custom molded from her pussy? Well, I tested out my favorite porn stars Fleshlight. Read my Fleshlight review below.

The First Time Using the Aletta Ocean Fleshlight

If you never used a Fleshlight before you are naturally going to be pretty excited about your purchase and you’re going to be really anxious to try it out. Having heard so much about the Fleshlight but never really had the courage to buy one to try out for yourself. How is it going to feel, is it going to feel like a real pussy or is it going to feel like I’m fucking a rubber glove? Is the Aletta Ocean Fleshlight going to be as awesome as they say it is or I’m I going to be disappointed?

When the delivery guy knocks on your door and hands over the plain brown cardboard box you know you’re just minutes away from finding out how the Primal Fleshlight is going to feel wrapped around your cock!

Okay, you’ve got the Fleshlight in your hand, now what!?

Step 1: Pull out the Primal Sleeve and soak it with warm water under the sink.
Step 2: Get some of that Aletta Ocean Porn or the Aletta Ocean Fleshlight Video
Step 3: Put the Fleshlight back into the Case, lube your self and the pussy orifice
Step 4: Slowly put your dick inside of Aletta’s warm Fleshlight Pussy.

aletta ocean sex toy review

How does it feel to fuck Aletta Ocean’s Fleshlight?

Well, it feels pretty damn good just as I expected! Her pussy opening is kinda tighter then I thought it would be. She is a porn star after all which means that she probably have had over 10,000 dicks inside her pussy but yeah the opening is pretty damn tight. The lips of her vagina feels very soft, I like that they stick out so you can play with them like on a real vagina.

Inside the Fleshlight there are three mini chambers and as you enter them you will feel a pleasant plunge around your cock. It feels like it swallows the head and since the Fleshlight is warm it feels very much like a real pussy. It’s just as soft and warm.

Penetrate further in and you will feel every little one of those massaging fingers stroking against your throbbing cock and gland. This is my favorite part of the Primal texture, I love those fingers and when you pull back a couple of inches you get to hit feel that nice plunge again then back to the long fingers again. The slower you thrust the better it feels. When you fuck a Fleshlight too fast you miss a lot of the subtle sensations of the little knobs, bumps and fingers inside the texture give you. I recommend going slow until your about to cum then you can go faster and finish deep inside Aletta’s pussy.

aletta ocean tits and fleshlight pussy

The Primal Fleshlight (Aletta Ocean version) is one of the better feeling textures I have tried. It’s way better then the smooth textures aka The Lady Fleshlight I also think it feels better then the Lotus textures which are meant to mimic the inner works of a vagina. The problem with the Lotus is that you need to have a 10 inch cock to fully enjoy it. That is not the case with the Aletta Ocean Fleshlight. If you have a 4 inch dick you are still going to love this texture because the good stuff is packed in the beginning and in the middle of this Fleshlight so you will be able to enjoy all of that even if you are on the smaller side, penis length wise that is.

Is It Worth The Money?

If you are a new Fleshlight user then the answer is YES! If you already own the Stoya Fleshlight I say get another one, maybe the Stamina Training Unit or the Swallow Mouth Fleshlight.

Some people might say that the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight feels better then the Aletta Ocean Primal but they are pretty similar actually. Both of those models have chambers filled with the same long and soft fingers. The biggest difference between the two textures is the last couple of inches on the end of sleeve. Stoya’s Destroya borrows the design from the Swallow texture while the Aletta Ocean Primal pretty much feels the same from the middle to the end of the sleeve.

fleshlight porn video with aletta ocean

If you want to buy or just see Aletta Ocean play with her Fleshlight visit to check out the product and the free videos.


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