asa akira fleshlight coming soon

Asa Akira Fleshlight Coming Soon

The rumors are true, Asa Akira will be getting her own Fleshlight. She will be flying down to the production facilities in Austin, TX to get molded and cast for her new sex toy line up. We can expect to see the Asa Akira Mouth, Butt and Pussy Fleshlight in stores hopefully within a couple of months. In the mean time keep your eyes on for new products (Dylan Ryder is also getting a Fleshie soon!)

Asa wrote about the Fleshlight herself on her official twitter page:

[blackbirdpie id=”58570911032410112″]

This is awesome news, especially for those of us who have been longing for a Fleshlight with that Asian flavor. Sure there’s always the Katsuni Fleshlight but she is 50% Vietnamese and 50% French.

This sex toy will be the first 100% Japanese Fleshlight ever made. Lets hope that they make the inner texture as interesting as those internal 3D molds we see in the Asian sex shops.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Asa Akira let me tell you that she was one of the most popular female porn star of 2010 and she is continuing to blow it up in 2011. Asa is 100% Japanese and one of the few american porn stars that’s fully Asian. She has recently started doing anal scenes on film and I guess she got hooked on anal because it seems that she really can’t get enough of it. Expect lots of anal videos with Asa Akira this year and hold your thumbs that she is getting that ass molded into a butt Fleshlight for the anal sex lovers out there!

Anyways, the Asa Akira Fleshlight has official been confirmed to be in production but I do not have a release date for you guys since they are keeping that information under wraps.


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