Bibi Jones New Fleshlight Girl?

Bibi Jones Fleshlight True or Just Rumors?

A fan of Bibi Jones posted on the Fleshlight Forums that he heard her say on her Webcam show that she is going to get molded to be a Fleshlight Girl soon. If that information is accurate I believe this makes Bibi Jones the youngest porn star to get her own sex toy masturbator. Bibi is only 19 years old so she’s still a teenager. I hope she gets her Fleshlight before she turns 20! 😉

Bibi Jones has the perfect pussy for a Fleshlight. Her vagina is really meaty with thick puffy labias. If this is true and Bibi is getting her own custom molded Fleshlight I think it’s going to be a hit among most of the Fleshlight Fans out there. Who wouldn’t want to fuck this gorgeous 19 year old blonde!

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Stayed tuned to Bibi Jones Fleshlight for news and updates!



  1. her posse is too much meaty man

  2. ill eat that meat anyday

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