New Misty Stone Fleshlights Are Out!

I got great news for Fleshlight fans all over the world who have been longing for the new mocha colored Fleshlight. The new FLG Misty Stone is the perfect fit for this new Fleshlight. The color looks amazing, it looks exactly like Misty’s skin.

So the Misty Stone Fleshlight was released just minutes ago and is now available from the online store. On the Fleshlight site you can also find videos of Misty Stone playing and fucking herself and her new Fleshlight Toys. Misty looks really hot in this video and it’s free to watch.

Misty Stone Fleshlight Video:
Ebony Pornstar Misty Stone Fleshlight video

Here’s what the Misty Stone Fleshlight press release says:

The deliciously dark Misty Stone has arrived and is ready satisfy all your chocolate fantasies. With her striking natural beauty, gorgeous smile, and killer body, it’s no wonder she’s become the top African American adult star in the business. Misty’s film career has exploded with the huge success of adult parodies including “This Aint Avatar XXX“, “Not The Cosby Show XXX,” and the upcoming “The Flintstones: A XXX Parody.”

This foxy lady is available for you however you want her, and exclusively in the brand new caramel sleeve color. Her perfect dark pussy, her amazingly tight asshole, and those beautiful Dick Sucking Lips can finally be yours, so what are you waiting for?

Every new FLG (fleshlight girl) that gets released usually gets their own signature texture and Misty is no different. The exclusive Misty Stone Fleshlight texture is called “Bump N Grind” and it looks super hot. If you are a fan of the Vortex texture (and who isn’t!) you are going to fucking love the Bump N Grind insert. I’m dieing to find out who good the Misty Stone Fleshlight feels to fuck. If you are like me and love black afro-american women this is the Fleshlight for you no doubt. This is the first time a afro american porn star gets her very own Fleshlight series so I’m very happy for Misty and I hope this thread continues. There are more ebony porn girls that I would love to see get their own Fleshlights.

Misty Stone Thong High Heels Fleshlight

Misty’s Swallow Fleshlight with the Mouth Orifice looks really fucking nice. Check out the thick soft cock sucking lips on this baby. The Swallow texture happens to be one of my favorite Fleshlights so I will definitaly be picking up the Misty Mouth version.

Here are pictures of all of the Misty Stone Fleshlight Models:

Misty Stone Mouth Swallow:
Misty Stone Mouth Fleshlight Toy

Misty Stone Butt Forbidden:
Misty Stone Anal Sex Fleshlight

Misty Stone Vagina Lotus:
Misty Stone Mocha Lotus Vagina Fleshlight

For more information, pictures and video (you can see how the Misty Fleshlight was made) go to

If you get a chance to try the Misty Stone Fleshlights before me don’t hesitate to post a comment below with a mini review, just a few words of what you thought of it. Thanks and happy FLying!



  1. well I just placed an order for the forbidden sleeve, ever since I got the original lady sleeve I’ve longed for a tigher fit. So I will tell you how it is once it comes and once I do.

    • MistyStoneFleshlight

      Sweet! Please do, I would really appreciate that!
      I think I’m gonna get the mouth myself, it looks super sexy. 😀

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