Comparison of The Misty Stone Fleshlight and Her Love Holes

Lets compare Misty Stone’s vagina to her Fake Fleshlight vagina. I think they managed to get Misty’s skin tone complexion just right on her Fleshlight toys.
Here are a bunch of comparison photos of all of Misty Stone’s fuck holes and her Fleshlight counterparts.

Misty Stone Mouth Vs Fleshlight Mouth

Misty Stone Butthole Vs Fleshlight Butthole

Misty Stones Vagina Vs Fleshlight Vagina

I think all of these replica sex toys looks very much like Misty Stone’s real openings. They are very soft and skin like to the touch too so they don’t only look realistic they feel realistic. If you’ve never stuck your dick inside one of these Fleshlights before you are in for a real surprise when you finally do. It feels sooooo nice!

You can watch Misty Stone fuck herself and her Fleshlight in this video:


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