dylan ryder fleshlight coming soon

Dylan Ryder Fleshlight In The Making!

How exciting is this!? There is a new Fleshlight in the making and it’s not some average no name porn star, it’s actually Miss Dylan Ryder. I know that this news is going to make a lot of her fans happy!

Dylan Ryder Fleshlight Now Offical:

That’s right, Dylan Ryder tweeted that she is getting her very own Fleshlight sex toy very soon.
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Most of the newer Fleshlight Girl models gets all of their fuck holes molded and cast into Fleshlight sleeves. So naturally the Dylan Ryder Fleshlight will come with an Pussy, Butt and Mouth orifice as well. Which is great because we all like different things when it comes to sex, variety is good! So if you’ve always dreamt of getting a blowjob from Dylan Ryder you get the Mouth (Swallow) or if you just love how her beautiful pussy looks you get the Vagina sleeve. If you are an anal freak you get her Butt (forbidden) sleeve. Dylan Ryder also happen to be an anal virgin so to speak so I bet her Butt Fleshlight is going to be extra tight!

Close up Pictures of Dylan Ryder’s Pussy, Ass and Mouth:

No date have been announced for the release of Dylan’s Fleshlight masturbator but if I had to guess it will be out in a month or two tops, around April-May 2011.

Dylan Ryder in Austin Texas Fleshlight company

I will keep you posted, happy fapping until then!



  1. Looking forward to getting a Dylan ryder fleshlight. I have had a thing for her since we first meet in Jr high school…. she has always been amazing

    • Nice!

      I have a feeling that you are probably going to enjoy the Dylan Ryder Fleshlight a little more then the rest of us! 😀


  1. Dylan Ryder as Katwoman XXX Latex and Leather Suit Video

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