fleshlight blade tight sex toy for men

Fleshlight Blade – Tight Sex Toy For Men

Today the Fleshlight Blade was introduced on the Fleshlight.com website. I have been anticipating the release of this new Fleshlight ever since seeing the Fleshjack Sword.

Free Fleshlight Blade Porn Video

Fleshlight Sex Video Man & Woman

Watching a unboxing of the Fleshlight Blade would be kinda intersting I guess but nothing beats seeing it in action. Watch as these two porn stars get it on with the Fleshlight Blade!

The Fleshlight Blade and Fleshjack Sword share similar designs. They both come with cases that are made of a soft squeezable material. Being able to control the tightness of a Fleshlight is something that you never could do unless you modified it by hand to make it tighter. You have always been able to make it tighter by adjusting the suction cap at the back but now you will be able to squeeze much harder with your hand and make that orgasm even better. Since the sleeve material inside the Fleshlight Blade is incredible soft you will not run the risk of hurting yourself or desensitizing your penis.

Which is better – Fleshlight Blade or Fleshjack Sword?

Which is Better Fleshlight Blade or Fleshjack Sword

Which of these masturbators looks more interesting to you? Does it matter if the orifice is a butt or vagina or do you only care about the feel of the inner texture?

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