Lisa Ann Goes Deep In Kassem G Interview

The James Lipton of porn Kassem G recently conducted a interview with the new Fleshlight Girl Lisa Ann. Besides the Barracuda Fleshlight Lisa is also known as the Anal MILF queen and for being the sexiest Sarah Palin impersonator on this planet. She also seems to be qui

Lisa Ann answers Twitter questions:

What I learned from this Lisa Ann – Kassem G interview:

  • Lisa Ann has a very diverse stock portfolio
  • Lisa Ann runs a draft for her black book (guys that she fucks) and have received over 30,000 submissions
  • Lisa Ann have never fucked a limp dick
  • It’s legal to have sex with 16 year olds as long as you they have permission from their parents, like a written note. Lisa thinks it would be cool to have one of those notes hanging on her fridge
  • If someone built a guitar using Lisa Ann’s pubic hairs she would like Stair way to heaven to be played on that guitar
  • This is one of the rare SFW (safe for work) videos featuring Lisa Ann but that doesn’t mean that it will get you horny watching her trying to seduce this poor young man.


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