Lisa Ann Interview Elegant Angel Podcast

Lisa Ann Interview On The Elegant Angel Podcast

Did you know that Lisa Ann have been working in the adult entertainment business for over 19 years? She is not only the hardest working girls in the porn biz but also seems to be one of the happiest.

If you want to learn more about Lisa Ann and her porn adventures you should listen to the interview she did on the Elegant Angel podcast after the release of her new movie “Gangbanged”. That DVD is her first gang bang before cameras. She talks a little bit about her gang bang attempts as a teenager halfway into the podcast.

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Want to get to know Lisa Ann on a more personal level? She shares a lot about her life, her travels and sexual fantasies in the Elegant Angel Podcast.

Listen to the Lisa Ann Elegant Angel Podcast

Interesting Facts about Lisa Ann:

    Lisa Ann is her real name.

    When she was 16 years old Lisa Ann tried to put together a gang bang with some high school friends.

    She will finally be getting her own “Lisa Ann Fleshlight” in June!

    She recently filmed her first gang bang on camera. The DVD is called “Lisa Ann – GangBanged” and is available for download on

    She travels to do shows and porn shoots most of the week.

    Sarah Palin is not happy with Lisa Ann after all the Nailin Paylin Porn Parodies.

    Lisa Ann have been worked in the porn biz for over 19 years and still looks amazing!

    Lisa Ann have never sold her self as a escort or a hooker. She says that if she likes you she will fuck you.

    The craziest place Lisa Ann have had sex on is in a cab. She loves to have sex in taxi cabs and Limousines. The craziest place Lisa Ann have had sex in was in a small little park by a pond where Black Swans swim.

If you are into sports, porn & Lisa Ann you should follow her @TheRealLisaAnn and if you want to fuck her Fleshlight you should visit and order one today!


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