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Orlando who works at Fleshlight has put up his review of the Alien Fleshlight at the Fleshlight Blog. Orlando is usually the first guy that gets to try the new Fleshlights at the chagrin of the forum regulars. People have been eagerly awaiting the re-release of the Alien Fleshlight. They will keep the Alienfleshlight in stock as long as it keeps selling, so this time they hopefully won’t run out of them. The Alien Fleshlight is currently only available in USA but will be available in the International Fleshlight Store shortly.

Blue Bavi Alien Fleshlight Texture and Case

In Orlando’s Alien Fleshlight Review he points out a few interesting things that makes me feel really excited to try and fuck this Fleshlight myself:

Alien FL Design and Build Quality:

This is the first sex toy that actually would fit in among other science fiction equipment and weapons. I would naturally fit in next to your Star Wars, Mass Effect and Avatar games and movies, well almost anyways…

This Fleshlight isn’t just blue, it’s shiny pearlescent blue that almost glows in the dark (I wish it was florescent but oh well). The Alien Vagina itself has a very unique and interesting design. I wonder where they got the idea of two clits from? Did they get it from some Black OPS secret Government documents or did the designers smoke a bowl of weed when they got that idea? I don’t know, it looks cool though. It also got two large Labia majora that are already spread open for your convenience I guess. The Alien sleeve insert comes in a dark blue case, it’s included in the price but you can purchase a transparent, white or black case to put it inside if you prefer that. The new Alien Fleshlight is just as smooth and soft as all the other Fleshlights and that’s all thanks to the patented SuperSkin technology.

Alien Encounter of the Sexy Kind:

With every thrust your head will be massaged by the toe-curling bumps made famous by the STU (Stamina Training Unit). By “attacking” your penis most sensitive spot your release is sure to leave evidence that even the government couldn’t cover up! You will climax so hard that you’ll even surprise yourself!

Upon passing the Lotus Node you will experince an extremly pleasurable popping sensation. Meant to mimic the feeling of brushing past a cervix, the tight border will lead you to a rewarding ending. The vortex-chamber of the Alien is probably my favorite part. It feels pretty pretty good!

The Alien Abduction Orgasm:

Once you enter the Alien Orifice you will slide into a wormhole of arousing proportions. Based on the teasing ridges of the vortex the thick tubes will gently massage you through to the next chamber where it will be incredibly difficult to not squirt your man juices and fill up this blue alien pussy until it pours white semen out of the orifice.

As with every Fleshlight Orgasm it will feel incredibly good, fucking awesome is another word that I like to use to describe the feeling. When you are about to come your cock becomes more alert, your sensor levels are now on full alert. Your cock responds to even the tiniest touch and everything feels 50 times better then just a second ago. The longer you stay orgasm limbo the more you will enjoy the climax when it finally peaks. The big round bumps inside the Alien Fleshlight hugs around your gland and shaft until every single drop of sperm has been sucked out of your hard penis.

Some people may call this Navi Inspired Alien Fleshlight a UFO, Un-Fuckable Object but it looks highly fuckable to me! It has two clitorises for a reason am i right?

Check out the Alien Fleshlight at Fleshlight.com/Alien
Read Orlando’s Blog at Blog.Fleshlight.com


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