Review: Tori Black Torrid Fleshlight

Wouldn’t you want to know how it feels to fuck Tori Black? I try out the new Tori Black Torrid Fleshlight for the first time. Read the full review below where I share my thoughts on the Torrid Fleshlight.

My Tori Black Torrid Fleshlight Review

I bought my Tori Black Fleshlight from in the beginning of January 2011. I usually treat myself to a new Fleshlight every Christmas but I had so much stuff to do during the last month of 2010 that I never got around to buying it when it first was released.

Tori Black fingers her new Fleshlight on video
(watch the uncensored video on

If I only have to judge Tori’s Fleshlight by it’s build quality it gets an instant A. All the other new FLG models such as the Stoya, Misty Stone and Aletta Ocean also has this nice look and feel to them. I think they have changed the Fleshlight recipe for the models because the skin tone and feel is different from the older ones.

Anyways, the pussy lips looks incredible realistic especially when they are wet. I don’t know how they do it when they cast and molds the vagina but they always end up looking great. If you are a fan of big meaty labias you will get a kick out of Tori Black’s pussy. You can pull on the lips and stretch them out like on a real vagina so that’s pretty cool!

How Does it Feel Inside the Torrid Texture?

I have used lots of Fleshlights models, probably around 10 or so by now. Almost every Fleshlight feels different, some are pretty intense while others like the smooth models can be kinda bland. Tori Black’s Torrid Fleshlight is one of the more intense, it might not be as intense as the Stoya Destroya. It’s more like the speed bump or succudry texture when it comes to the physical sensation I get from it.

There are 5 different chambers on the inside of the Torrid texture and they are all filled with little thorns like bumps and fangs. Trust me, they feel good and does not hurt despite looking like sharp thorns. The harder your cock gets the more sensitive it will be to the touch of the little bumps so it will feel better and better as you become hornier and grow bigger. After 5 minutes of continuous stroking you won’t be able to control yourself and you will climax pretty hard inside of her pussy. If this is the first time you are fucking a Fleshlight you will be surprised how good and different it feels compared to regular masturbation.

Like I said, it doesn’t necessarily look like you will be able to feel all of those little spikes but they become pretty prominent when you are gliding in and out with a rock hard penis. I recommend using a minimum amount of lubricant, fuck it slowly and you will feel every single one of the soft spikes massaging your gland and shaft.

Try twisting the Torrid sleeve around your dick as you slowly jerk it back and forth, it feels awesome with this texture! It would be really cool if there was a little motor inside the case that did this for you automatically. That way you can just sit there and get served like a king! I have seen people attach their sex toys to fans and even drills, not sure if I would be comfortable with that. I think I’ll stick to the manual twisting motion for now.

Inside of Tori Black's Torrid Fleshlight Texture

When you first stick your dick inside the Torrid Fleshlight you will barely notice the little bumps inside first chamber. You will notice that the entrance of Tori’s pussy is kinda tight, the material is very flexible so even the thickest dick would fit inside her but it’s definitely tighter then some of the other Fleshlight girls that I have tried. It opens up a little towards the center of the sleeve but the inner canal diameter pretty much stays the same size through out the Fleshlight.

This models has nice chunky lips, a nice stimulating inner texture and it’s tight like a teenage pussy. If you are the kind of Tori Black fan that collects all her videos and movies I think the Torrid Fleshlight is a must have. Why jerk off with your hand when you can masturbate with Tori Black’s Fleshlight pussy instead?

tori blacks fleshlight pussy lips labia

Tori Black also have 3 other sex toy models, a butt version with the Forbidden Anal texture, a blowjob version with the best selling Swallow texture and last but not least the Lotus texture (mimics the inner works of a real vagina). If you wanted to get real freaky you could buy all of her Fleshlights and fuck her in the mouth, ass and pussy at the same time!

Tori Black’s Torrid is an exclusive texture that only comes with her Fleshlight. Every Fleshlight Girl has their own signature models. They are only available from unfortunately so you won’t be able to buy the Torrid Fleshlight from your local sex toy shop.


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