silvie deluxe european fleshlight porn star girl

Silvie Deluxe New Fleshlight Sex Toy

I once saw Silvie Deluxe get fuck in her ass while she was menstruating, she is a dirty girl no doubt. If that’s not your cup of tea you don’t have to worry the Silvie Deluxe Fleshlight does not menstruate, that I can guarantee.

Silvie Deluxe is the last of the 7 new European Fleshlight girls that I’m gonna report on but she has one of the best looking vagina molds out of all the girls. Check out the details of her outer labia’s, they look incredible realistic.

silvie deluxe vagina fleshlight closeup

If you are a fan of Silvie Deluxe and collect her porn movies and videos I suggest getting her Fleshlight if you haven’t already. You masturbation sessions are going to feel 100 times better when you don’t have to use your hand to fap with.

Silvie Deluxe Fleshlight Glamour Photos:

Choose between the Lotus, Vortex or Primal texture. I recommend the Vortex Fleshlight but the other two sleeves are also pretty good. The Vortex is a great beginner texture so if you are new to male masturbation toys that would be a good start. The Silvie Deluxe Fleshlight can be bought from (world wide shipping)


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