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Alien Fleshlight Youtube Review

Youtube user sigint74 posted a quick little video showing off his new Alien Fleshlight. Now, this isn’t really a in depth review of the blue sex toy from space but you get to see how it looks in real life. If you never seen a Fleshlight in person you might be surprised by how big it really is. With the case and everything it’s about 12 inches long so it’s a really large Flashlight 😉

Alien Fleshlight Video Review:

A more detailed look at the Avatar Fleshlight:

Misty Stone shows us her signature texture Bump n Grind and the Alien Fleshlight:

Tim And Eric from the Awesome Show tests the Alien Fleshlight

Tim and Eric known for their show on the (Adult Swim network) Awesome Show. They stopped by the Avclub office to show off their new alien sex toy.

Tim and Eric from the awesome show demos the alien fleshlight with a banana

Fruits are used to penetrate said Alien Fleshlight but no bananas where hurt during this video demonstration.

The reason Tim and Eric brought their Alien Fleshlight to the Avclub is because it actually made the 2010 Holiday Gift list. Check out the Holiday List at

I agree with the guys and girls over there, the Alien Fleshlight does make a great Christmas gift! 😀

25 Percent Off Your Alien Fleshlight Order on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Just a heads up, this upcoming weekend you will be able to buy what ever you want from the Fleshlight Store and get a 25% Fleshlight discount on your entire order when using the coupon code: Black

If you have been holding off waiting for the Alien Fleshlight to drop in price or whatever this is your chance! 😀 Just go to this Friday and get whatever it is you need, enter the code: Black at check out and save 25% percent on that order.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Fleshlight Deals

The regular Alien Fleshlight costs $75 but with the discount you will only pay $56 dollars for it.

The Avatar Parody Movie and Fleshlight bundle goes for $89 but with the 25% discount it will only cost you about $67 bucks.

That’s a great deal, so make sure you take full advantage of this once a year offer.

The Navi Halloween Costume Does Not Include The Alien Fleshlight

Ever wonder if the Alien Fleshlight is popular among cosplayers? How many BlizzCon 2010 goers own a Fleshlight for example? I think at least 40% of the audience do. When you grind World of Warcraft all day you barley got time to have sex so having a Fleshlight around for a quick fap certainly comes in handy.

Cheap Avatar Navi Halloween Costume
I wonder what the person who bought this Navi costume used it for! 😉

Anyways, it’s Halloween again and I know that a lot of people are going as Navi’s from James Cameron’s Avatar. The Navi costume is pretty diffucult to pull off if you want it to look realistic that is. I’m sure there are Navi masks you could buy somewhere along with some blue pajamas. If you are serious about your Halloween costume you should invest a couple of bucks on some good make up. Watch the video tutorials below to get an idea of what you need to get.

Avatar Navi Halloween Makeup Video Tutorial

Turn yourself or your girlfriend into the Alien Navi Princess Neytiri. It’s gonna take a little time and patient, it takes a while to get all the little details just right but it’s totally worth it because when all the work is done you are going to look fantastic!

Another Video Tutorial: Avatar Makeup Na’Vi Halloween Prosthetics

Here are a couple of pictures of Avatar Navi cosplayers:

Navi Avatar Sex and Naked Pictures

Looking for naked Navi Avatar Alien pictures or are you just wondering what a Navi pussy looks like? I put together a gallery with all the Navi and Alien inspired nude photos I could find. Some of the girls in the pictures are professional porn stars that have their own Fleshlights and the other girls are just random babes that have been photoshopped to look like Na’vi Avatars.

Lots of Sexy Avatar Navi Photos and Paintings:

Do you know where I can get more Navi porn? Let me know in the comments so I can post and share more pictures here on


Quick Alien Fleshlight Review

Orlando who works at Fleshlight has put up his review of the Alien Fleshlight at the Fleshlight Blog. Orlando is usually the first guy that gets to try the new Fleshlights at the chagrin of the forum regulars. People have been eagerly awaiting the re-release of the Alien Fleshlight. They will keep the Alienfleshlight in stock as long as it keeps selling, so this time they hopefully won’t run out of them. The Alien Fleshlight is currently only available in USA but will be available in the International Fleshlight Store shortly.

Blue Bavi Alien Fleshlight Texture and Case

In Orlando’s Alien Fleshlight Review he points out a few interesting things that makes me feel really excited to try and fuck this Fleshlight myself:

Alien FL Design and Build Quality:

This is the first sex toy that actually would fit in among other science fiction equipment and weapons. I would naturally fit in next to your Star Wars, Mass Effect and Avatar games and movies, well almost anyways…

This Fleshlight isn’t just blue, it’s shiny pearlescent blue that almost glows in the dark (I wish it was florescent but oh well). The Alien Vagina itself has a very unique and interesting design. I wonder where they got the idea of two clits from? Did they get it from some Black OPS secret Government documents or did the designers smoke a bowl of weed when they got that idea? I don’t know, it looks cool though. It also got two large Labia majora that are already spread open for your convenience I guess. The Alien sleeve insert comes in a dark blue case, it’s included in the price but you can purchase a transparent, white or black case to put it inside if you prefer that. The new Alien Fleshlight is just as smooth and soft as all the other Fleshlights and that’s all thanks to the patented SuperSkin technology.

Alien Encounter of the Sexy Kind:

With every thrust your head will be massaged by the toe-curling bumps made famous by the STU (Stamina Training Unit). By “attacking” your penis most sensitive spot your release is sure to leave evidence that even the government couldn’t cover up! You will climax so hard that you’ll even surprise yourself!

Upon passing the Lotus Node you will experince an extremly pleasurable popping sensation. Meant to mimic the feeling of brushing past a cervix, the tight border will lead you to a rewarding ending. The vortex-chamber of the Alien is probably my favorite part. It feels pretty pretty good!

The Alien Abduction Orgasm:

Once you enter the Alien Orifice you will slide into a wormhole of arousing proportions. Based on the teasing ridges of the vortex the thick tubes will gently massage you through to the next chamber where it will be incredibly difficult to not squirt your man juices and fill up this blue alien pussy until it pours white semen out of the orifice.

As with every Fleshlight Orgasm it will feel incredibly good, fucking awesome is another word that I like to use to describe the feeling. When you are about to come your cock becomes more alert, your sensor levels are now on full alert. Your cock responds to even the tiniest touch and everything feels 50 times better then just a second ago. The longer you stay orgasm limbo the more you will enjoy the climax when it finally peaks. The big round bumps inside the Alien Fleshlight hugs around your gland and shaft until every single drop of sperm has been sucked out of your hard penis.

Some people may call this Navi Inspired Alien Fleshlight a UFO, Un-Fuckable Object but it looks highly fuckable to me! It has two clitorises for a reason am i right?

Check out the Alien Fleshlight at
Read Orlando’s Blog at

Buy the Alien Fleshlight and This Ain’t Avatar Combo Deal

Ever wondered what it would feel like to have sex with an Alien? Perhaps with one of those blue creatures that live on the planet Pandora? I got good news, you can now have virtual sex with your favorite Navi girl!

The Alien Fleshlight got released today (29 September 2010). So It’s finally here or should I say, the Aliens have arrived! It’s been a long wait for the intergalactic sex fans of this world. Almost 3 years has passed since they stopped making the Alien Fleshlight but today it’s back!

Alien Fleshlight Avatar DVD Movie and 3D Glasses

Not only do you get the new and improved Alienfleshlight but you can also take advantage of the release of the Avatar XXX parody. There is a promotional sale going on over at where you get the Alien Fleshlight ($74.95) and the This Ain’t Avatar DVD ($29.95) for only $89.95. Two 3D Glasses are included as well but you have to get your own damn lube lol. So you save over $15 if you buy the Alien Fleshlight Combo deal and if you shop for more then $100 you get FREE SHIPPING as well.

Check it out at

Lets take a look at the new Navi Avatar inspired Alien Fleshlight:

Alien Fleshlight Vagina

This is a brand new texture specially made for the Alien Fleshlight. The first couple of inches of the insert reminds me a Vortex mixed with the Swallow insert. If we go deeper into the texture we can see plenty of nice and big bumps, similar to the Stamina Training Unit texture but these look a little bigger (big is good!)

Alien Fleshlight Sleeve Texture

The orifice of the Alien Vagina looks just like the old Fleshlight. Big ass Alien lips and a double set of clitorises. It now comes in a dark blue case, the old Fleshlight version came inside a transparent case which is cool I guess but I like the blue color better and since this is supposed to look like a Navi pussy I think it’s more fitting with a blue theme.

Since this Fleshlight was released today I haven’t got around to try it out yet but as soon as I have time I will fuck the Alien Fleshlight and post a review of it. In the meantime why don’t you go to and check it out in all it’s glory.

This Ain’t Avatar XXX (Porn Parody)

James Cameron’s Avatar quickly became the highest grossing movie in film history. With success like that it was just a matter of time before someone, somewhere got the brilliant idea to make a porn parody out of that Avatar movie.

HD Trailer from the porn parody This Ain’t Avatar XXX

This Ain’t Avatar doesn’t really look like a porno if you only look at the censored trailer. Sure the acting isn’t excellent but it’s a freaking porn comedy, what did you expect!

The Navi inspired Alien Fleshlight also gets released in conjunction with the release of This Ain’t Avatar XXX. The Blue Alienfleshlight will be available shortly at

Oh yeah, This Ain’t Avatar was also filmed in 3D just like the original Avatar movie. So if you a fan of 3D-Porn you probably want to pick up this movie. Talk about the ultimate immersive experience. You pop the Avatar Porno into the DVD player, get your Alien Fleshlight, put on your 3D glasses and get ready to visit the planet Pandora and all of the sexy blue navi women waiting for you there. Somebody please send me a picture of that first guy doing all of that at the same time!

This Ain't Avatar Fleshlight

This Ain’t Avatar XXX is produced by Hustlers own Larry Flunt and directed by Axel Braun. Some of the porn stars starring in this porn parody are Misty Stone, Nikki Hunter and Lexington Steele. You can get the DVD or Bluray version at the Hustler Store right now!

The Alien Fleshlight is back!

The blue Navi Avatar inspired Alien Fleshlight was taken out of production two years ago. Ever since then Fleshlight fans all over the world have been waiting for it to come back.

The wait is over – The Alien Fleshlight is back!

The new Alien Fleshlight Sleeve comes in a blue shiny florescent color. The blue alien color is so strong that it almost glows in the dark. The Alien Fleshlight will ship with a standard blue plastic case but it’s what’s inside the case that is exciting.
The Alienfleshlight comes with a brand new texture that looks to be a mix of the Stamina Training Fleshlight and the Vortex. It also looks like the Alien Vagina Orifice has two clitorises just like the old model had. I never got the chance to play with the old Alien Fleshlight so I don’t know how it felt and what kinda texture it came with. I’ll be sure to post a review of the Alien Fleshlight when I get my hands on one.

Alien Fleshlight Teaser Video (coming soon)

No release date has been set yet but I’m guessing that they will updated the Fleshlight Store around Halloween time 2010. So you should hopefully be able to buy the Alien Fleshlight within the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes open! I will update this site with more information as soon as I get my hands on it.

Welcome to

Welcome to
The Alien Fleshlight is a one of kinda sex toy and I think it deserves it’s own dedicated site. On this site I’m going to post everything related to the Alien Fleshlight. So you are going to find everything from pictures and videos to reviews and testimonials of the blue supernatural Fleshlight right here. But since it’s not out available from yet all I have is a picture of the old Alien Fleshlight:
Alien Fleshlight Blue Navi Color