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Lisa Ann Reviews The Barracuda Fleshlight

It’s hard for a female to review a Fleshlight especially when it’s her own. It’s difficult to stay unbiased but I love Lisa Ann and her new Barracuda Fleshlight really is softer then a real pussy. If you’ve ever touched a brand new Fleshlight you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight Video Review:

Watch the NSFW Lisa Ann Fantasy (Porn) Video on

Have any of you guys gotten your penis inside the Barracuda Fleshlight yet? Leave a comment below and let me know if you liked it or hated it. Thanks!

Lisa Ann Goes Deep In Kassem G Interview

Lisa Ann pays a visit to Kassem G, the James Lipton of the adult film industry for a “Going Deep” session.

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First Look At Lisa Ann’s New Fleshlights

The Lisa Ann Fleshlights are finally here!

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Chance To Win The Lisa Ann Fleshlight

The Lisa Ann Fleshlight will FINALLY get released by the end of this week (june 30th 2011). They have not come up with a good name for the Lisa Ann signature texture (her vagina version) so if you have a clever suggestion you have a chance to win her new Fleshlight.

This is what the Lisa Ann Fleshlight Texture looks like:

lisa ann fleshlight signature exclusive texture

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So go ahead and Tweet Lisa Ann & Fleshlight you name suggestions!


First Lisa Ann Fleshlight Video

Start the count down guys! The Lisa Ann Fleshlight will go on sale any minute now hopefully later today or tomorrow Friday. Keep an eye on

Here are two sneak peek videos of Lisa Ann and her new Fleshlights:

Looks pretty amazing don’t you think?

Lisa Ann Interview Elegant Angel Podcast

Lisa Ann Interview On The Elegant Angel Podcast

Lisa Ann interview on the Elegant Angel Podcast. What turns her on? Does Lisa Ann escort? What’s the craziest place she have had sex on?

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Lisa Ann Fleshlight Shipping This Week

It’s finally here, well almost here. The Lisa Ann Fleshlight will be available to buy any minute now from and it will also be shipped to sex toy retailers across the United States during this week.

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Lisa Ann Fleshlight To Be Released In June

Just a quick update on the status of the upcoming Lisa Ann Fleshlight. Lisa Ann herself told her fans and twitter followers that her Fleshlight will be out in June.

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This is most likely the American release date, if you are in Europe you will probably have to wait a couple of months before you will be able to buy the Lisa Ann Fleshlight from the international online shop.

making of lisa ann fleshlight video

Making Of Lisa Ann Fleshlight Video

Sneak peak video of Lisa Ann getting her Fleshlight made!

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Lisa Ann Fleshlight Sex Toy Making Of

Pictures From The Making Of Lisa Ann’s Fleshlight

Sneak peak pictures from the making of the Lisa Ann Fleshlight

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