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Comparison of The Misty Stone Fleshlight and Her Love Holes

Lets compare Misty Stone’s vagina to her Fake Fleshlight vagina. I think they managed to get Misty’s skin tone complexion just right on her Fleshlight toys.
Here are a bunch of comparison photos of all of Misty Stone’s fuck holes and her Fleshlight counterparts.

Misty Stone Mouth Vs Fleshlight Mouth

Misty Stone Butthole Vs Fleshlight Butthole

Misty Stones Vagina Vs Fleshlight Vagina

I think all of these replica sex toys looks very much like Misty Stone’s real openings. They are very soft and skin like to the touch too so they don’t only look realistic they feel realistic. If you’ve never stuck your dick inside one of these Fleshlights before you are in for a real surprise when you finally do. It feels sooooo nice!

You can watch Misty Stone fuck herself and her Fleshlight in this video:

Misty Stone Stripper Dance Video

Hey, just wanted to share a sexy video of Misty Stone dancing and shaking her booty in a tight white dress. Towards the end of the video Misty gets her butt all oiled up and shiny.

I think this is from one of the Glamour Girls porn movies. You won’t see Misty Stone naked in this Youtube video unfortunately but watching that oily round ass shake and wiggle is good enough for me. Anyone know who the other girls are?

Misty Stone Fleshlight Contest Winner

In this video Misty Stone picks a winner in the Bump n Grind contest that just ended. To enter and have a chance to win a Fleshlight all you had to do was to post a video on YouTube of yourself dancing to some cool music and show Misty Stone your moves.

A lot more dudes entered the contest then I thought. Congrats to the winner of the Misty Stone Bump and Grind dance contest you have won yourself one awesome little Misty Fleshlight.

New Misty Stone Fleshlights Are Out!

I got great news for Fleshlight fans all over the world who have been longing for the new mocha colored Fleshlight. The new FLG Misty Stone is the perfect fit for this new Fleshlight. The color looks amazing, it looks exactly like Misty’s skin.

So the Misty Stone Fleshlight was released just minutes ago and is now available from the online store. On the Fleshlight site you can also find videos of Misty Stone playing and fucking herself and her new Fleshlight Toys. Misty looks really hot in this video and it’s free to watch.

Misty Stone Fleshlight Video:
Ebony Pornstar Misty Stone Fleshlight video

Here’s what the Misty Stone Fleshlight press release says:

The deliciously dark Misty Stone has arrived and is ready satisfy all your chocolate fantasies. With her striking natural beauty, gorgeous smile, and killer body, it’s no wonder she’s become the top African American adult star in the business. Misty’s film career has exploded with the huge success of adult parodies including “This Aint Avatar XXX“, “Not The Cosby Show XXX,” and the upcoming “The Flintstones: A XXX Parody.”

This foxy lady is available for you however you want her, and exclusively in the brand new caramel sleeve color. Her perfect dark pussy, her amazingly tight asshole, and those beautiful Dick Sucking Lips can finally be yours, so what are you waiting for?

Every new FLG (fleshlight girl) that gets released usually gets their own signature texture and Misty is no different. The exclusive Misty Stone Fleshlight texture is called “Bump N Grind” and it looks super hot. If you are a fan of the Vortex texture (and who isn’t!) you are going to fucking love the Bump N Grind insert. I’m dieing to find out who good the Misty Stone Fleshlight feels to fuck. If you are like me and love black afro-american women this is the Fleshlight for you no doubt. This is the first time a afro american porn star gets her very own Fleshlight series so I’m very happy for Misty and I hope this thread continues. There are more ebony porn girls that I would love to see get their own Fleshlights.

Misty Stone Thong High Heels Fleshlight

Misty’s Swallow Fleshlight with the Mouth Orifice looks really fucking nice. Check out the thick soft cock sucking lips on this baby. The Swallow texture happens to be one of my favorite Fleshlights so I will definitaly be picking up the Misty Mouth version.

Here are pictures of all of the Misty Stone Fleshlight Models:

Misty Stone Mouth Swallow:
Misty Stone Mouth Fleshlight Toy

Misty Stone Butt Forbidden:
Misty Stone Anal Sex Fleshlight

Misty Stone Vagina Lotus:
Misty Stone Mocha Lotus Vagina Fleshlight

For more information, pictures and video (you can see how the Misty Fleshlight was made) go to

If you get a chance to try the Misty Stone Fleshlights before me don’t hesitate to post a comment below with a mini review, just a few words of what you thought of it. Thanks and happy FLying!

Fleshlight Interviews Misty Stone About Her New Sex Toy

Video interview with the new Fleshlight Girl Misty Stone from the Fleshlight Warehouse

The first time Misty Stone saw herself on screen she was a little caught of guard but quickly learned how to critique her sexual performance and improve on her porn skills.

She has been nominated for a lot of things, most notable is her role in “Not the Cosby Show XXX” porn parody and in “This Ain’t Avatar XXX” that recently was released along with the Navi Alien Fleshlight.

Misty Stone is avatar pussy too!

Not only does she have the regular Fleshlight Girl line of sex toys but since she starred as Neytiri in the Avatar porn movie she also has her own Alien Fleshlight version of her pussy. The only difference is that it’s pearlescentblue and has two clitorises. Oh and it has a totally different sleeve texture and a Alien orifice so I guess that makes it very different lol.

Misty says that she is more of a clitoris kinda of girl, she prefers clit stimulation over penetration but if you can get her to orgasm multiple times you are going to get to fuck that juicy black pussy all you want. And remember that once you go black you never go back! That’s what she said!

Check out Misty Stone’s Fleshlight at my favorite online sex shop

Misty Stone First Fleshlight Video

If you keep up with the world of Fleshlight News you should know by now that Misty Stone is going to be the first new black Fleshlight Girl. I just watched a video where Misty Stone is teasing us while playing with her new Mocha colored Fleshlight.

Misty Stone Fleshlight Video:

In this video we only get to see Misty Stones Fleshlight Pussy but I’m pretty sure that there was a Mouth and Butt version as well. I guess we have to wait a week or two before we get to see those Fleshlights. Hopefully we will be able to buy some sort of Misty Stone 3-in-1 pack for a discount like the Jenna Haze and Stoya Fleshlights.

Not sure if you all know this but Misty Stone played Neytiri in the porn parody of Avatar that was released a couple of days ago along with the Alien Fleshlight. So you could say that the Navi Fleshlight technically is a Misty Stone Fleshlight as well. :-p I don’t blame you if you want to steer clear of the Alien sex toys though! They are not for everyone but stayed tuned to because soon the real Misty Stone Fleshlight is going to be released on

Misty Stone as Neytiri from the porn parody “This Ain’t Avatar”
Misty Stone Neytiri Avatar Parody FleshlightMisty Stone Lexington Steele Avatar Spoof

Welcome to On this site you will find useful information about Misty Stones Fleshlight as well as Fleshlight videos, pictures and reviews.

Misty Stone: From Porn Star To Fleshlight Girl Model

So when you’ve been working in the porn industry for over 4 years and have filmed thousands of hours of licking, fucking and sucking, you have won lots of awards, you have million of fans all over there world. What can you do to repay all those fans who have supported you over the years.

The answer is obvious, you get yourself your very own Fleshlight! Not only is Misty Stone the first Afro-American Girl to get her own signature Fleshlight she is also one of the few girls that have a Vagina, Butt and Mouth Fleshlight. and they all come in that beautiful mocha color. The mocha skin tone color is meant to be a close representational of Misty’s complexion. I have not seen the Fleshlight in person yet but judging from the skin tone on the Stoya Fleshlight I bet it’s gonna be pretty close to the real thing.

Misty Stone Black Mocha Fleshlight

Leaked image of Misty Stone and her Mocha Fleshlight

The Signature Porn Star Fleshlight is a great way to give back to your fans, it’s the next best thing to them actually having real sex with you in person.

The Misty Stone Fleshlight was made by casting a replica mold of all her holes (expect ears and nose hehe) so when you decide to buy one of Misty’s Fleshlights you get to choose between her Pussy, Mouth or Ass orifice. Usually you’ll be able to buy all three at a heavy discount.

The Misty Stone Fleshlight has not yet been made available to the public, it has not actually been announced by so this is just a secret between you and me, I got a hold of the first picture with Misty Stone and her brand new Mocha Colored Fleshlight:

Misty Stone Fleshlight Porn Convention

Misty Stone Fleshlight Spotted in the Wild

A little background info on Misty Stone

Misty Stone is an American pornographic actress and model. She started filming porn in 2006 when she was about 20 years old. Misty is 24 years old now and has starred in over 130 porn movies and videos. Misty writes on her website that she is a “free-spirited” individual who is very adventurous, loving, generous, and out-going. She also enjoys an occasional blunt or two. She writes that she and her friends are very “420” friendly, and she love having fun and trying out new things!

Misty Stone has starred in a lot of popular Porn Parody movies such as Not the Cosbys 1 & 2, Tru A XXX Parody ( True Blood parody) and she also played in the upcoming Avatar Porn Parody called his Ain’t Avatar XXX. You’ll finally get to see real hardcore Alien Navi Porn, in 3D no less!

This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D Trailer

Misty Stone is one of the most accomplished afro-american women in the porn industry and I guess that’s why she recently was tapped to host the Urban Urban X Awards along with the Internets Girlfriend Dana DeArmond. If you asked me who Misty Stone was last year I honestly couldn’t tell you but one thing is for sure when “This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D” gets released this fall (2010) along with her black mocha Fleshlight series Misty Stone is going to become a household name, at least among the male populous.

So keep your eyes out for Misty Stone in 2010/2011 and also keep your eyes out for news about her new Sex Toy here on