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Tori Black Heading To Fleshlight Photoshoot

Tori Black posted this on twitter recently (Nov 22 2010):

Headed to my fleshlight shoot


I think this means that they are finishing up the promo pictures and videos for the release of Tori Black’s Fleshlight line.

I can’t wait! Tori’s Fleshlight is gonna be awesome!

Tori Black Video Interviews

Here are a couple of video interviews with Tori Black that I hope you enjoy watching. Tori Black is not your average porn girl as you’ll find out when you get the know her better. In fact, in one of the videos below Tori says that she looks at anal sex as a challenge and she really gets turned on when she thinks how tight her butt hole is and how big the dick penetrating her ass is. In the ZZinsider interview Tori talks about her marriage, her favorite music and movies.

ZZinsider Interviews Tori Black

Tori Black Behind The Scenes as Catwoman

Tori Black talks about the challenges of Anal sex

For those of you that are waiting for the Tori Black Fleshlight all I can say is be patient. It’s coming but I don’t know exactly when. I hope that we will see an annoncment from Tori Black or the guys and girls at soon though. *crosses fingers*

Welcome to is 100% dedicated to the adult actress / porn star Tori Black and her upcoming line of Fleshlight Sex Toys. I heard a rumor about Tori Black joining forces with Fleshlight and that rumor was later confirmed in a tweet by @MissToriBlack:

Just finished having my lips pussy and ass molded… Who’s gonna get my fleshlight?

I would take that statement as a confirmation that we are getting a Tori Black Fleshlight very soon. We are actually getting three Tori Black Fleshlights, one Vagina, one Mouth and one Ass model. I’m going to be posting lots of pictures and videos of Tori Black as well as News and Fleshlight Reviews. So stayed tuned!