The Alien Fleshlight is back!

The blue Navi Avatar inspired Alien Fleshlight was taken out of production two years ago. Ever since then Fleshlight fans all over the world have been waiting for it to come back.

The wait is over – The Alien Fleshlight is back!

The new Alien Fleshlight Sleeve comes in a blue shiny florescent color. The blue alien color is so strong that it almost glows in the dark. The Alien Fleshlight will ship with a standard blue plastic case but it’s what’s inside the case that is exciting.
The Alienfleshlight comes with a brand new texture that looks to be a mix of the Stamina Training Fleshlight and the Vortex. It also looks like the Alien Vagina Orifice has two clitorises just like the old model had. I never got the chance to play with the old Alien Fleshlight so I don’t know how it felt and what kinda texture it came with. I’ll be sure to post a review of the Alien Fleshlight when I get my hands on one.

Alien Fleshlight Teaser Video (coming soon)

No release date has been set yet but I’m guessing that they will updated the Fleshlight Store around Halloween time 2010. So you should hopefully be able to buy the Alien Fleshlight within the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes open! I will update this site with more information as soon as I get my hands on it.



  1. Mines in the mail…CANT WAIT

  2. I just ordered one a few days ago. This will be my first fleshlight, i just wish theyd hurry. I’ve been trying not to jerk it so that when it gets here i can have a super time xD

  3. i cant wait until im 18 i am going to get this flesh light
    i have to wait two years unless i find a diffrent way with out my parents finding out

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