The Navi Halloween Costume Does Not Include The Alien Fleshlight

Ever wonder if the Alien Fleshlight is popular among cosplayers? How many BlizzCon 2010 goers own a Fleshlight for example? I think at least 40% of the audience do. When you grind World of Warcraft all day you barley got time to have sex so having a Fleshlight around for a quick fap certainly comes in handy.

Cheap Avatar Navi Halloween Costume
I wonder what the person who bought this Navi costume used it for! 😉

Anyways, it’s Halloween again and I know that a lot of people are going as Navi’s from James Cameron’s Avatar. The Navi costume is pretty diffucult to pull off if you want it to look realistic that is. I’m sure there are Navi masks you could buy somewhere along with some blue pajamas. If you are serious about your Halloween costume you should invest a couple of bucks on some good make up. Watch the video tutorials below to get an idea of what you need to get.

Avatar Navi Halloween Makeup Video Tutorial

Turn yourself or your girlfriend into the Alien Navi Princess Neytiri. It’s gonna take a little time and patient, it takes a while to get all the little details just right but it’s totally worth it because when all the work is done you are going to look fantastic!

Another Video Tutorial: Avatar Makeup Na’Vi Halloween Prosthetics

Here are a couple of pictures of Avatar Navi cosplayers:


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