Fleshlight Review Tori Black Mouth Sex Toy

Tori Black Mouth Fleshlight Review

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to receive a blowjob from a professional porn star like Tori Black?

I know that I have fantasized about that many times but the reality is that most of us will never get to experience the inside of her mouth. There is one option that is almost as good as getting a real blowjob from Tori Black and that’s her Mouth Fleshlight! If you buy this sex toy you don’t even have to ask (or pay lol) someone anymore, owning this is like having blowjobs on demand!

Testing Out Tori Black’s Mouth Fleshlight

The Swallow texture that comes inside the Tori Black’s Mouth Fleshlight is one of my all times favorites, yes I have used it many times before! This is the only male sex toy I have tried that actually mimics the sensation of getting your dick sucked.

When you stick your dick inside the mouth orifice the lips will wrap around it and it feels just like when someone takes you in their warm wet mouth. There is no moving tongue inside this Fleshlight which is unfortunate because that would definitely make this blowjob device even more awesome! Oh and by the way there are no teeth in this mouth so don’t worry about that.

So when you penetrate down Tori Black’s throat the first thing you will feel is the soft but tight inner canal. About 2 inches in the smooth texture changes into lots of ridges that feel really good around your dick especially if you go slow and let them massage your head back and forth. These ridges are going to stimulate to orgasm after only a minute or two if you let them.

What I love about Tori’s Mouth Fleshlight

My favorite part of the swallow texture is what’s in the middle about 5 inches in. If you ever have had a girl go down on you really far and deep throat your cock you know all about this. For those of you that haven’t had pleasure, the part I’m talking about is called the pharynx. It engulfs your dick and makes this nice clucking aka blowjob sound when you fuck it.

tori black swallow fleshlight texture

The pharynx is the widest section of the mouth Fleshlight so it’s the perfect place to blow your load. It feels fucking awesome when you cum inside there. I wouldn’t try coming inside a real girls pharynx though unless you want to get your cock bitten off!
If you never used a Fleshlight before you are in for a pleasant surprise! You will come so hard that it actually will blow your mind because you probably didn’t expect it to feel that good. I mean it’s just a rubber mouth how good can it really feel? AMAZING would be my answer!

If you love fucking tight girls or are into anal sex the Swallow is perfect for that too. If you look at the end of the sleeve you will notice that the canal is super tight and smooth just like the anal canal so you kinda get two Fleshlights for the price of one when you buy the Swallow. 50% of the texture feels like a mouth and throat and the other 50% feels like a tight asshole. Perfect ass and mouth combo! 😀

So where do you buy the Tori Fleshlight?

The Tori Black Fleshlight with the Swallow texture is exclusive to Fleshlight.com so it’s only available from them.

You can check out some of the other Fleshlight user reviews on that site as well the x-rated Tori Black Fleshlight Video.
Watch Tori Black Fleshlight Video

The Swallow texture costs $59.95 without the case and $79.95 with the case. Personally I could do without the case but it’s a good place to store your Fleshlight when you’re not using it. If you already own a Fleshlight with a case I say skip the case and save the $20 bucks

The Fleshlight Online Shop ship world wide now so you can safely order it from almost every place on the planet. Step your fapping game up and get Tori Black’s Fleshlight collection, you are going to love it!


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