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Misty Stone: From Porn Star To Fleshlight Girl Model

So when you’ve been working in the porn industry for over 4 years and have filmed thousands of hours of licking, fucking and sucking, you have won lots of awards, you have million of fans all over there world. What can you do to repay all those fans who have supported you over the years.

The answer is obvious, you get yourself your very own Fleshlight! Not only is Misty Stone the first Afro-American Girl to get her own signature Fleshlight she is also one of the few girls that have a Vagina, Butt and Mouth Fleshlight. and they all come in that beautiful mocha color. The mocha skin tone color is meant to be a close representational of Misty’s complexion. I have not seen the Fleshlight in person yet but judging from the skin tone on the Stoya Fleshlight I bet it’s gonna be pretty close to the real thing.

Misty Stone Black Mocha Fleshlight

Leaked image of Misty Stone and her Mocha Fleshlight

The Signature Porn Star Fleshlight is a great way to give back to your fans, it’s the next best thing to them actually having real sex with you in person.

The Misty Stone Fleshlight was made by casting a replica mold of all her holes (expect ears and nose hehe) so when you decide to buy one of Misty’s Fleshlights you get to choose between her Pussy, Mouth or Ass orifice. Usually you’ll be able to buy all three at a heavy discount.

The Misty Stone Fleshlight has not yet been made available to the public, it has not actually been announced by Fleshlight.com so this is just a secret between you and me, I got a hold of the first picture with Misty Stone and her brand new Mocha Colored Fleshlight:

Misty Stone Fleshlight Porn Convention

Misty Stone Fleshlight Spotted in the Wild

A little background info on Misty Stone

Misty Stone is an American pornographic actress and model. She started filming porn in 2006 when she was about 20 years old. Misty is 24 years old now and has starred in over 130 porn movies and videos. Misty writes on her website that she is a “free-spirited” individual who is very adventurous, loving, generous, and out-going. She also enjoys an occasional blunt or two. She writes that she and her friends are very “420” friendly, and she love having fun and trying out new things!

Misty Stone has starred in a lot of popular Porn Parody movies such as Not the Cosbys 1 & 2, Tru A XXX Parody ( True Blood parody) and she also played in the upcoming Avatar Porn Parody called his Ain’t Avatar XXX. You’ll finally get to see real hardcore Alien Navi Porn, in 3D no less!

This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D Trailer

Misty Stone is one of the most accomplished afro-american women in the porn industry and I guess that’s why she recently was tapped to host the Urban Urban X Awards along with the Internets Girlfriend Dana DeArmond. If you asked me who Misty Stone was last year I honestly couldn’t tell you but one thing is for sure when “This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D” gets released this fall (2010) along with her black mocha Fleshlight series Misty Stone is going to become a household name, at least among the male populous.

So keep your eyes out for Misty Stone in 2010/2011 and also keep your eyes out for news about her new Sex Toy here on MistyStoneFleshlight.com


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