What is a Fleshlight and Why Do You Need It?

The Fleshlight was invented in 1995 more then 15 years ago by a former Police officers by the name of Steve Shubin. The idea behind the device was to help relieve mens sexual frustrations during their girlfriend or finances pregnancy. When their is a bun in the oven the pussy closes shop for at least 1 year. But what about blowjobs? Well, women often lose interest in all forms sex when they are with child so that means no fucking, no blowjobs and no handjobs for a long time.

This is where the Fleshlight comes in. The Fleshlight is not only designed to simulate real vaginal intercourse but anal sex and oral sex as well. There are lots of different inner textures that you can choose from when you are looking to buy a Fleshlight. Some of them are meant to mimic the feeling of penetrating a wet pussy and others are built to make you come as quickly as possible and the Alien Fleshlight is meant to feel like something out of this world.

The Fleshlight textures comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. The exclusive product line is called Fleshlight Girls and features super hot and popular porn stars such as Aletta Ocean, Stoya, Jenna Haze and many many more. There are over 10 different FLG models to choose from.
The Aletta Ocean Fleshlight Sex Toy

If you happen to like black girls there is a brown mocha colored Fleshlight featuring Misty Stone. Maybe you’re an ass man, well there are lots of different anal/butt Fleshlights for you to choose from as well. Are you a blowjob lover? They also got blowjob simulation sex toys, that model is called the Swallow Fleshlight and is one of my personal favorites.

Primal Texture from Aletta Ocean's Fleshlight

So Why Do You Need a Fleshlight?

If you enjoy masturbation but want to step your fapping game up it’s time to try the Fleshlight. Trust me it feels so much better then a regular hand job. If masturbating with your hand is 6/10 on the awesome scale and real sex (with a hot woman) is 10/10 the Fleshlight gets 8/10. It’s not quite as good as real sex but when you close your eyes and focus on the sensation of the super soft skin rubbing against your entire cock it feels very real. The orgasm you get when cumming inside the Fleshlight are out of this world. Every sleeve feels very different during the climax due to their different texture anatomy.

If you need to practice your stamina in bed the Fleshlight is a great training device. Being able to perform in bed has a lot to with psychology but you also need to learn how to control your self. It can be difficult to train yourself not to cum when you are masturbating by hand because you know that your are holding your own cock. You can not compare that to real vaginal intercourse, the Fleshlight on the other hand ( no pun intended) does a fantastic job simulating real sex so that’s why I recommend it to guys that want to last longer in bed. Build up your sexual stamina with a Fleshlight and you’ll kill three birds with one stone, you’ll cure the death grip syndrome, you will learn how to control your climax and you will orgasm like never before when you decide to come!

How Do You Use the Fleshlight?

Well, it’s pretty simple really. The first step which is optional but nessecary to make the most of your Fleshlight session, is to pre-heat your Fleshlight sleeve in hot water. Take the sleeve out from the case and soak it in hot water under the sink for 5 minutes or so. Wipe of the excess water and put it back inside the case, drip some water based lubricant inside the orifice and put some on your dick. That’s it, you can now start masturbating with your Fleshlight. Some guys like to mount the entire case in between two pillows or in between the box spring beds so they can fuck the Fleshlight without using their hands.

When you are done you empty out the cum sauce and rinse the Fleshlight sleeve with water. Let the sleeve dry out in a well ventilated room (it takes 2-8 hours usually). You can also dry it out using a blow dryer if you are in a hurry. As long as you clean it properly and don’t use oil based lubes and lotions inside the Fleshlight it will last for years, they are built to last over thousands of FL sessions.

The Fleshlight is available from Fleshlight.com


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