You Can Buy the Tori Black Fleshlight Now (if you want)

Yes the Tori Black Fleshlight is finally out and you can buy it from the Fleshlight Online Shop.

Now maybe you’re are just window shopping or looking for pictures of the Tori Black Fleshlight, that’s fine I got lots of pics of Tori right here but first lets have a look at the new Tori Black Fleshlight sex toy series.

The Fleshlight company have been coming up with lots of new and interesting sex toy products this year (Stoya Destroya & the Swallow being my favorites). The Swallow texture for example was made to simulate getting a blowjob. That texture is of course available in the Tori Black line up as well as all the other new Fleshlight girls added to the FLG roster this year (2010).

Tori Blacks New Fleshlight Sex Toy

Everytime a new Fleshlight Girl is introduced she gets her own custom molded signature texture. Tori Black is no exception, Tori’s signature Fleshlight texture is called Torrid and has a very unique design. Maybe not the greatest name since it rhymes with Horrid. 😀 The Torrid Fleshlight actually looks a little scary with all it’s fangs and pointy flesh thingys sticking out of it. Thankfully the material used inside Fleshlights (super soft skin) isn’t hard at all, it’s extremely soft to the touch. Trust me, it feels pretty damn good when you are deep inside of a Fleshlight. It’s really SUPER soft!

Tori Black is a very popular adult performer so I think that her Torrid Fleshlight is going to be pretty popular since she has so many fans all over the world. What’s so great about the FLG line is that you can choose the texture and orifice yourself. If you like to fuck Tori Black in her butt you pick the anal fleshlight or if you prefer to get your dick sucked by her you simply get the Tori Mouth Fleshlight. If you are a pussy lover you obviously get the vagina Fleshlight, you get to pick from two vagina textures. The more life-like Lotus texture or the more alternative feeling Torrid texture.

Tori Black Fleshlight Images:


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